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Our pilot training school will help you achieve your airplane flying dreams. Getting a pilot license is not easy, but it's easier than ever before with our free and paid online classes.

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Private Pilot Made Easy Online Ground School

Get your pilot license

Our online ground school will help you pass the FAA Private Pilot test with flying colors. Achieve your dreams of flying an airplane.

$249 $279 View Course

Instrument Rating Made Easy

Become a safer pilot

Our online ground school will help you get your Instrument Rating so you can fly into rough conditions and gain additional privileges.

$249 $279 View Course

Commercial Pilot Made Easy

Earn money while you fly

Our online ground school will help you pass the FAA Commercial Pilot exam with flying colors.

$249 $279 View Course

Private Pilot + Instrument Rating Ground School Bundle

This bundle provides you with your ground school for a Private Pilot license and an Instrument Rating.

$465 $558 View Course
Multiengine Training

Multiengine Rating Mastery

Ground knowledge to help you earn your multiengine rating.

$99 View Course

Garmin G1000 Made Easy

Transition seamlessly from traditional instruments to glass.

$149 View Course

Checkride Made Easy

Get advice directly from a Designated Pilot Examiner on what you need to know and demonstrate to pass your checkride.

$99 View Course

Cessna 172 Deep Dive

Learn all about the Cessna 172 in this 3D animated free class.

Free View Course

Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Pilot

Save time and money with this FREE course and learn what it takes to become a pilot.

Free View Course

Free Private Pilot Online Ground School

Now offering the first 8 hours of our industry-leading online Private Pilot ground school for free.

Free View Course

Piper Warrior/Cherokee Deep Dive

Learn all about the Piper Warrior & Cherokee in this 3D animated free class.

Free View Course

Diamond DA40 Deep Dive

Learn all about the Diamond DA40 in this 3D animated free class.

Free View Course

E6B Deep Dive

See ALL that you can do with the E6B flight computer for free.

Free View Course

CX3 Deep Dive

See ALL that you can do with the CX3 flight computer for free.

Free View Course

Why Pilot Institute?

  • 92% Average FAA Exam Score

    92% Average FAA Exam Score

    Our students score significantly higher than the national average

  • Save Thousands <br>on Your Flight Training

    Save Thousands
    on Your Flight Training

    Flight training costs $200-300 per hour. Arrive to your lessons prepared with world-class education

  • 24,000+ 5 Star Reviews

    24,000+ 5 Star Reviews

    Proven classes backed by tens of thousands of reviews

  • Join 250,000+ <br>Happy Pilots

    Join 250,000+
    Happy Pilots

    Educating the next generation of pilots

Go beyond basic test prep and and short-term memorization with Pilot Institute. Our classes are comprehensive so you actually learn the material and become a safe and confident pilot.

Incomplete ground training can lead to wasted time and money in the air. Our ground school will help you arrive to lessons prepared and ready to learn, so you can get your pilot’s license faster and more efficiently.

Why Pilot Institute?

The New Standard for Aviation Education

Say goodbye to old, outdated ground training and enjoy
The New Standard  for Aviation Education
  • Beautiful 3D Animations
  • Industry Leading Guarantees
  • Lifetime Access for One Small Fee
  • Self-Paced Lessons
  • Modern, Interactive Training


Frequently Asked Questions

  • You need to do ground and flight training to become a pilot. Ground training teaches you the theory you need to know to get your pilot's license. That's where Pilot Institute can help you. All of our classes are online, self-paced, and affordable. You will also need a flight school to do training at locally in an airplane. We have a free class you can enroll in above to get advice from us on how to choose the best flight school.

  • Yes. If you complete 100% of our ground school course and can show proof that you can achieve an 80% grade on two timed practice exams, we will send you a written endorsement in the mail that satisfies the aeronautical knowledge requirement of 14 CFR Part 61.35(a)(1), 61.103(d) and 61.105. You can only receive this endorsement from an FAA certified flight instructor who provided you with the proper training.

  • No, you can start our courses before even finding a flight school. There is an entire chapter in the course on how to choose a flight school so we recommend you watch this first. As you progress through the videos, it will be an advantage to take a few lessons so you can see what a cockpit looks like and be immersed in an airport environment.

  • Our classes are all self paced and each video is 3 - 5 minutes long so you can learn in bitesized pieces. With lifetime access, you can also access your classes any time. Our instructors are also available to help you with any questions you have while you go through your pilot training.


What Our Students Saying

Cory Lewis

Out of many other ground schools this is one of the best at keeping my attention. By breaking down the videos into bite size clips it allows for me to not get overwhelmed and go back to review a specific topic if I got confused. Very high quality production and very easy to sit for hours at a time and not get burnt out on difficult information.

Alyssa Burton

This is a great study tool. I used the private pilot ground instruction with Pilot Institute and scored 100% on my PPL written exam. Obviously it is necessary to supplement this program with your own independent study, just as it is necessary to do with any program. But the lesson layout dramatically helps to organize your study sessions and improves competency and retention. Thanks Pilot Institute!

Scott Markham

Phenomenal instruction! I am very happy with this instructor! He is very clear, detailed and educational. I am learning a lot and cannot wait to get through all 5 courses. I have this on my "bucket list" to get my pilot's license, and eventually to own my own plane to fly around the country/world in; this is my first step. Thank you so much!

James Barrins

This course is excellent! I love how structured it is and that there is an order to the content being taught, not to mention Greg does a fantistic job of presenting the material in way that makes sense. I tried a couple other online ground schools and was struggling to understand the material and it was such a chore watch their videos. Pilot institute is a night and day difference, I'm so glad that I found this ground school, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an online ground school.

Scored % on their FAA Exam