Multiengine Rating Mastery

Ground knowledge to help you earn your multiengine rating.

  • Arrive to your first flight knowledgeable about the differences between single and multiengine airplanes.
  • Learn about multiengine aerodynamics, systems, and VMC.
  • Over 1.5 hours of videos and 4 quizzes.
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Enroll in this course

$99 (lifetime access)


Earning a multi-engine rating is a significant milestone in any pilot’s career but the learning curve can be steep. Multiengine airplanes require advanced skill and knowledge given their additional complexity.

Operating multi-engine airplanes can be expensive, costing upwards of $400 per hour. However, investing in this class will quickly pay for itself by saving you invaluable flight time — just 15 minutes of time saved in the air can cover the cost of this class.

This class will give you a headstart as you learn theory you need to know to get your multiengine rating. Learn from the comfort of home and go at your own pace. You can also rewatch videos and get help from our instructors.

Multiengine Training Learn the theory you need to know to get your multiengine rating.

  • Self paced videos that are 3 - 5 minutes long on average.
  • Lifetime access to modern pilot training with beautiful animations.
  • Hassle Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
Multiengine Rating Mastery Enroll in this course

$99 (lifetime access)

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