Drone Laws
in Oklahoma (2023)

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Oklahoma State Drone Laws
These laws apply in the entire state.

Title 3 Section 322

  • Prohibits drone flight over any of the critical infrastructure facilities in Oklahoma to prevent interference and unwarranted disturbance.
  • This restriction is subject to a few possible exceptions, including drone use by the federal government or a law enforcement agency.

Ref Title 3 Section 322


Critical Facilities

Critical facilities include—but are not limited to—power plants, hospitals, military installations, water
treatment plants, oil and gas facilities, and courthouses, etc.


Title 21 Section 1743

  • Prohibits the use of a drone to trespass on private property, record a person in a place where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy, or land a drone on private property without the consent of the owner or lessee.
  • Identifies exceptions to the rule, such as drone operations for a bona fide business or government purpose, or in the interest of safety or in emergency.

Ref Title 21 Section 1743


Oklahoma Administrative Code Title 725 Chapter 30 Subchapter 4

  • Operating or using aircraft on lands or waters other than at locations designated by the park manager or by permit is prohibited in Oklahoma State Parks.
  • The restriction on drone usage in State Parks is also cited on the FAQ section of the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department website.

Ref Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department – Section 725:30-4-11. Aircraft


Senate Bill 659

Establishes the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission as the agency for the promotion, enhancement, and development of UAS and its safe integration and use within the state.

Ref Senate Bill 659 (2021)

City and County
Drone Laws
These laws apply in some areas.

There are currently no local drone laws in Oklahoma that are implemented in the county, city, or town levels.

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