How to Redeem Your Gift Certificate

By Greg Reverdiau
Posted on December 27, 2022 - 2 minute read

How to Redeem a Pilot Institute Gift Certificate

Congratulations on receiving a gift certificate. Follow one of these two methods to redeem your certificate. And remember, do not enter any credit card information, the course will be free once you enter your gift certificate. 

Method 1: Click on the link in the email

If you received your gift certificate via email, the simplest method is to click on the gift certificate number in your inbox. It will take you directly to the checkout page. 


Method 2: Manually enter the gift certificate on the checkout page

If you received a paper version of your gift certificate, you will need to manually enter it on the course checkout page. 

Step 1: Click the checkout page for your course from the list below

Step 2: Type in your gift certificate code in the Coupon Code

Remove any existing coupon by clicking “Remove” if there is already a coupon. 
Click “Add Coupon Code” and enter your Gift Certificate code. Click Apply. 
Verify that your total is $0.00 then enter your email address and name and click “Buy Now”. 


Still having trouble? 

If you’re still having issues or receiving an error message, fill out the form below  


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