Best Places to Fly
Your Drone in Seattle

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Seattle Drone Flying
Locations Map

1. Marymoor RC Club

The Marymoor Park AMA Airfield in the northeast corner of the park, and is organized by Marymoor R/C Club. To fly a drone here, you will need to be an AMA member and a member of the Marymoor R/C Club, and must do a check-out flight. A FRIA has been applied for this airfield.

It’s a well-run place with ample space and flight training for members who want it. There are also various flight-related events held during the summer months. The club holds monthly meetings so that enthusiasts can meet and share their passion for R/C flying. The site is mostly for fixed-wing flight, but allow drones. Camera drone users can appreciate the Lake Sammamish views and surrounding woodlands.

2. Luther Burbank Park

The 77-acre Luther Burbank Park is on the northeastern side of Mercer Island. The views of Lake Washington and the encompassing, unspoiled wetlands are stunning. It’s a haven for wildlife with recreational spaces for people. The park is a popular destination for fishing, boating, swimming, picnicking, dog walking, hiking, and sports activities. The scenic lake, undeveloped natural landscape, and distant downtown views make this a great place for camera drones.

3. Shoreview Park

Shoreview Park is a beautiful place to fly your drone. It has plenty of wide open space free of obstacles. It is surrounded by forests and as your drone climbs you'll be able to get a stunning view of waterfront. Shoreline Park also has a small hidden lake that is an interesting thing to explore.

4. Sixty Acres Park

The primary use of both fields is soccer. The organization that manages the field, Lake Washington Youth Soccer Association (LWYSA) allows non-soccer use including drones as a casual drop in activity when official tournaments or soccer practices are not taking place.

Although both fields can be used by unmanned aircraft, drones and fixed wing aircraft are best flown from the Sixty Acres South Field, accessed by the parking lot on the Southeast side. The field on the North Field is mostly used by rocketeers. The Southwest parking lot is primarily used as access to the Sammamish River Trail.

The area is fenced-in from all sides, with few entrances. This makes it easier to provide notice of overhead aircraft in the area.

Before dropping-in, check the following website for LWYSA events. and events:

5. Marlow Anderson RC Field

Marlow Anderson R/C airfield is the second pick of drone-friendly locations just outside Seattle. The Lake Sawyer Hawks run this AMA airfield. It’s an interactive club with lots to offer members, such as model exhibitions, flying demonstrations, flight instructions, and so on. The wide-open space and community spirit make the Marlow Anderson RC airfield a brilliant place to fly. Everyone is welcome to join at any age and skill level, including kids and first-timers.

Marymoor RC Club

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