Drone Laws
in Oregon (2023)

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Oregon State Drone Laws
These laws apply in the entire state.

Oregon State Parks

While there are no state-wide rules prohibiting drone flight in Oregon state parks, park managers have the authority to temporarily adopt rules to protect the plants, animals, and public and private property within the parks. It is best to visit the specific park web pages, ask uniformed park staff, or get in touch with the relevant Park Information office by email well in advance of your planned drone flight.

Ref Oregon State Parks FAQs


Oregon Metro Parks

Bans all drone use within the boundaries of Oregon Metro Parks. This includes flying drones under 400 feet above parklands and water.

Ref Metro Park Rules and Regulations Ch. 10.03 (2018)


House Bill 3047

  • Prohibits flying of drones over privately owned property with the intention of reckless harassment of the owner or occupants.
  • Classifies the arming or weaponization of drones as a Class C felony.
  • Allows for the use of drones by law enforcement for accident and crime scene reconstruction.

Ref House Bill 3047 


House Bill 4066

  • Prohibits drone operations close to Oregon’s critical infrastructures.
  • Reclassifies the weaponization of drone as a Class A misdemeanor.
  • Regulates the use of drones by public agencies, including how law enforcement saves, stores, accesses, and uses collected data.

Ref House Bill 4066

Critical Facilities

Critical facilities include—but are not limited to—power plants, hospitals, military installations, water
treatment plants, oil and gas facilities, and courthouses, etc.


Oregon Revised Statutes 498.128

The use of drones is prohibited for trapping, angling, hunting or in the aid of such activities related to the pursuit of wildlife. It is also illegal to use drones to interfere with lawful hunting, trapping, or angling activities.

Ref ORS 498.128


House Bill 2710

  • Permits law enforcement to use drones in the line of duty with a warrant, for training, and other exceptions.
  • Requires all drones operated by public agencies to be registered with Oregon’s Department of Aviation (DOA).
  • Under certain conditions, landowners may take legal action against any person who flies drones below 400 feet over their property.

Ref House Bill 2710


Senate Bill 5702

Outlines the required and approved registration fees for the use of UAS by public agencies.

Ref Senate Bill 5702

City and County
Drone Laws
These laws apply in some areas.

Local drone laws in Oregon refer to policies and regulations that are enacted and enforced at the county, city, or town levels.


Lane County Parks

Drone use in Lane County Parks is allowed but only after a Special Use Permit has been granted. A PDF template of the Special Use Permit application can be found on the Lane County Park website. The application can be sent by email, but it may take some time to receive a response.

Ref Park Rules and Fees


City of Portland

Prohibits the use of any remote-controlled aircraft on or over any of the city’s parks outside areas designated for such activities by the Director

Ref City Code Chapter 20.12


City of Eugene

The City of Eugene does not restrict drone use by the public. However, the City would like to remind drone operators to be considerate of park users and other visitors to public spaces, and nevery to fly a drone drone a way that is disriptive to wildlife or other animals.

Ref City of Eugene Drone Use Policies


Port of Portland

The Port of Portland prohibits recreational UAS operations on Port aviation, marine, industrial, and environmental properties. Requests for commercial and public UAS operations on Port properties requires a permit obtained through the Port of Portland. All applications are subject to Port approval. A minimum of 5 business days is required to process applications.

Ref Port of Portland UAS Operations



Flight of unmanned aircraft, including aerial drones, is prohibited and considered a Class A offense in Sunriver unless authorized by the SROA General Manager.

Ref Sunriver Rules and Regulations – Section 5.05

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