Best Places to Fly
Your Drone in Fargo

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Fargo Drone Flying
Locations Map

1. Veterans Memorial Bridge

The Veterans Memorial Bridge is the connection between the states of North Dakota and Minnesota. The bridge of beautiful both becasue of its design elements and the fact that it serves as a monumet to the country's heroes. You can launch a drone from the parks at either side of the bridge to catch a view of the bridge against a backdrop of the Red River.

2. Trefoil Park

Trefoil Park along the Red River has a dedicated space for model airplane flight. This field is operated by the F-M Skylarks Inc. and is a safe space both for RC model planes and drones. You will need an active AMA membership to fly a drone here.

3. MB Johnson Park

MB Johnson Park in the MN side of Fargo is a popular spot for biking and hiking. Its location along the Red River also makes it a prime spot for recreational fishing. The large open grounds of the picnic area should make for a good spot for drone flight and some quick aerial photography.

4. Rendezvous Park

Rendezvous Park is a fun little park in West Fargo with walking trails, lakes, boulder bridges, and a giant wooden troll sculpture. Flying a drone here is a blast just for the sheer novelty of its sights. During the winter, this park is also a great spot to take photos of the glaciers.

5. Dill Hill

Dill Hill in Fargo is an oasis of green amidst a typically fast-paced city. It's a fairly small park right beside a school, so expect to see lots of kids here. Dill Hill is basically a single open field where you can freely fly your drone around.

6. Champion Cottonwood

The Champion Cottonwood seen along 81st is North Dakota's Champion Tree. It is a fine specimen of a cottonwood tree and remains quite impressive if you take the time to appreciate it. With hardly any crowds around it, taking photos of the Champion Tree from different angles using a drone should be a fairly simplem task.

7. Orchard Glen Park

The Orchard Glen Park and community orchard is one of the best nature getaways in Fargo. Its trees and flowers have been favorite backdrops for professional photographers through the years. Drone pilots can opt to do an aerial tour of the park to highlight its beauty.

Veterans Memorial Bridge

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