Drone Laws
in Colorado (2023)

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Colorado State Drone Laws
These laws apply in the entire state.

Colorado State Parks Regulation #100 c. 24

It is illegal to fly drones in all Colorado State Parks except for Cherry Cheek State Park and Chatfield State Park, both of which have designated areas for drone operations

Ref State Parks Regulation c.24


Code of Colorado Regulations 406-0, Article IV, Section C

It is unlawful to use a drone to aid in looking for, scouting, or detecting wildlife for hunting.

Ref 2 CCR 406-0


House Bill 1070 (2017)

HB 1070 required that the center of excellence in the Department of Public Safety conduct a study to find ways to safely integrate UAS in government public safety operations such as emergency response, firefighting, search and rescue, and crime scene documentation. It also created a pilot program for the deployment and training of UAS teams to regions of the state that are identified as fire hazards.

Ref House Bill 1070 (2017)




City and County
Drone Laws
These laws apply in some areas.

Local drone laws in Colorado refer to policies and regulations that are enacted and enforced at the county, city, or town levels.


Colorado Springs

It is unlawful to operate drones in any park within Colorado Springs without written consent from the Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services (PRCS) except in areas set apart for these forms of recreation. For commercial use, a Commercial Film Permit will be required. Other restrictions on drone flight are implemented specifically for the Garden of the Gods Park.

Ref Policies and Procedures – Drone Policy


Boulder County

All UAS flights and operations on county open space must have an approved permit. This must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the earliest proposed flight. Liability insurance is a requirement.

Ref Boulder County UAS and Drone Policy

Ref Open Space Map of Boulder County


City of Boulder

It is unlawful to launch, land, or otherwise operate any unmanned motorized vehicle from or on any City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks land. Permits may be granted to drone pilots involved in research, search and rescue, wildlife management, and other authorized uses.

Ref County Parks and Open Space Official Rules 


City of Denver

Launching or operating flying or propelled objects including drones is not allowed in any Denver Park Facility except in areas designated by the DPR Director for such activities. Exceptions can be applied to drone operations associated with events or specific activities if a permit has been issued by the City granting the appropriate authorization.

Ref Denver Department of Parks and Recreation Park Use Rules and Regulations 


City of Lakewood

Drone flight is prohibited in Bear Creek Lake Park and William F. Hayden Park. It also prohibits launching, landing, or operating a drone from or on any City facility, park, or open space area without a permit except for three areas designated as “Unmanned Aircraft Flying areas” (East Reservoir, Hutchinson Park, Wright Street Park).

A photo/video permit is required for any commercial or non-commercial video or photography activity occurring within city limits that meets any of the following criteria:

  • Takes place at any city owned property, including public buildings, parks, open spaces, reservoirs, public streets, sidewalks, or other areas maintained and owned by the city of Lakewood. 
  • Is on private property and will cause a nuisance or disruption to the visitors, businesses or residents in the area. The disruption could be anything from a large gathering, loud noises, impacts to traffic, etc.
  • Involves carrying or displaying weapons, real or fake in view of the public. Discharge of firearms is illegal within city limits.
  • Involves the use of pyrotechnics (use of fireworks is illegal in city limits).
  • Involves costumes, props, or equipment in a public location that is within view of the public that may cause a disruption or have the potential to startle or upset residents.

A permit is NOT required for photos or video taken for personal use, by news media, or by nature/portrait photographers, or for things like engagement or family photos as long as the activities do not cause a nuisance or disruption to the visitors, businesses or residents in the area. There is no fee for a photo/video permit.  

Ref Rules and Regulations of Community Resources – Section 8


City of Louisville

It is prohibited to launch, land, or operate a drone in any City park or open space except for emergency landings by City law and code enforcement officers.

Ref Parks, Recreation, and Open Space – Drone Regulations



City of Cherry Hills Village

Recreational drone use in the City is allowed only upon registration with the City, although federal registration may be allowed instead if it allows the City to confirm the registration number of the drone.

No person may operate a UAS on or over any City property without the written authorization of the City Manager. No person may enter, hover, launch, or land a drone on or over another person’s property without the consent of the property owner.

Ref Ordinance No. 13 (2015)


City of Loveland

Recreational drone use without permit is allowed at designated park locations in the following parks:

  • Barnes Park and Fairgrounds Fields
  • Centennial Park
  • Fairgrounds Park
  • Loveland Sports Park
  • Mehaffey Park
  • North Lake Park

Drones must not fly near nesting birds or be used to discharge or drop any payload. Drone flight over people or crowds is prohibited. Any drone flight within property managed by the Parks and Recreation Department that is not in the list above is prohibited. All commercial use of UAS is also prohibited.

Ref Loveland Parks and Recreation Department Policy – UAS Policy (2021)


City of Fort Collins

It is prohibited to operate a motorized aircraft or other motorized motor vehicle in any area designated and posted by the City as a City natural area.

Ref Fort Collins Municipal Code Chapter 23, Article IX – Natural Areas


Town of Vail

Recreational drone use is prohibited in pedestrian areas and town-owned parking structures of Vail Village and Lionshead Village, Ford Park, and the area surrounding the Vail Valley Medical Center Heli-Port.

Ref Town Ordinances and Rules – Recreational Drone Use


Town of Telluride

No person may operate a drone on or over any Town property without written authorization from the Town Manager, over another person’s private property without their consent, in a manner that can endanger or harm the life or property of another person, or near any person, pedestrian, livestock, companion animal, or wildlife.

Ref Ordinance No. 1449 (2017)


Town of Windsor

Except as allowed for Town programming purposes, and as authorized by the Deputy Director, it shall be unlawful to operate any remote-controoled airplance or other motorized model device, including model airplanes and drones in any Town-owned park, trail, recreational facility, lake, or open space.

Colorado Charter – Sec. 10-9-40 – Prohibitions

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