Welcome to this wiki. The goal of this wiki is to crowd-source drone information. Having said that, information may be inaccurate, out-of-date, and should not be relied upon for legal advice.

How to Help With This Wiki

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We have put this drone wiki together to crowdsource information from the community. It is our hope that this will result in higher quality information that's more up-to-date.

If you see an area that you can help with, feel free to edit a page. Currently, the wiki has pages on state drone laws and the best locations to fly. Laws are constantly changing and we hope that your contributions can keep the wiki updated.

There are two ways to edit the page. The first way to edit the page is to press this button in the header:


The other way is to press the edit button next to a paragraph:


Both buttons bring you to the same editor page. We use the same software as Wikipedia, and there are versions that are saved. We can revert back to an old version of the page if there are issues.

This page has links to the pages for each state. You can see that some of the pages haven't been started yet for drone flying locations.

Photos: One of the best ways to help would be to provide high-quality photos that you own the rights to and suggestions of locations to fly in your state. State and local governments often restrict where people can fly drones, so finding a good spot can be challenging. Please consider helping with these pages.

Please do not upload copyrighted text or photos to the wiki. Generally, it's okay to quote from government sources. We appreciate any edits or photos you provide. We will not be able to provide compensation for content that you upload at this time. You grant us the right to use your content without compensation and copyright free if you submit edits.