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See exactly how you can prepare and submit strong waiver applications to the FAA.

  • Confidently navigate the Part 107 waiver process.
  • 2.5 hours of engaging video lessons.
  • 23 downloadable resources including waiver worksheets and sample waivers.
  • Interactive form to help you determine which waiver you need to apply for.
  • Step by step instructions to prepare, submit, and receive a waiver.
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Part 107 drone pilots can request permission from the FAA to waive regulations. This allows you to legally override certain rules with permission from the FAA in the form of a waiver.


You can waive the following Part 107 regulations:


§ 107.25 Operation from a moving vehicle or aircraft.
§ 107.29 Operation at night.
§ 107.31 Visual line of sight aircraft operation.
§ 107.35 Operation of multiple small unmanned aircraft.
§ 107.37 Operation near aircraft; right-of-way rules.
§ 107.39 Operation over human beings.
§ 107.51(a) Operating limitations – Maximum Speed
§ 107.51(b) Operating limitations – Maximum Altitude
§ 107.51(c) Operating limitations – Visibility Requirements
§ 107.51(d) Operating limitations – Cloud Separation
§ 107.145 Operations over moving vehicles.


This class is designed to help you write strong waiver applications that don’t get denied.


Downloadable resources in the class include:

Concept of Operations Template: A blueprint for describing your drone operations to the FAA, including your aircraft, location, airspace, crew responsibilities, training, and experience
Flight Operations Manual Template: Guidelines for safe and compliant drone operations.
Safety Management System Template: Framework for managing operational risks and safety.
12 Waiver Worksheets: Tools featuring hundreds of guiding questions and specific evaluation criteria for different types of waivers.
7 Sample Waivers: Real-life examples of successfully granted waivers for reference.
Interactive Waiver Determination Form: A digital tool to help identify necessary waivers for specific drone operations.


Take the guesswork out of the waiver process and unlock extra privileges for more challenging missions.


Pilot Institute has trained over 80,000 Part 107 pilots. We show you all that we’ve learned about the waiver process in this class.

Waivers Made Easy Essential knowledge for navigating the Part 107 waiver process. Learn how to write and submit waivers that are highly likely to be approved.

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