Drone Photo & Video Masterclass

The ultimate course to take your photography & videography skills to the next-level.

  • Learn how to shoot, edit, and profit from your drone footage.
  • 8.5 hours of step-by-step video instruction.
  • Follow along as professional videographers film and edit two different real estate listing videos.
  • Everything you need in one place to go from a beginner to a professional that clients are happy to pay.
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Why Pilot Institute

122+ Video Lessons

122+ Video Lessons

Learn everything you need to know to take your footage to the next-level. Breeze through our lessons while building your knowledge on a strong foundation. Lesson are fun to watch and just 3 minutes long on average.

Photo & Video Feedback

Photo & Video Feedback

Get feedback on your footage in our Photo/Video Facebook Group which is exclusively for Pilot Institute students. Increase the speed at which you learn.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Pilot Institute has served more than 150,000 happy students. We've earned our reputation by putting customers first. All of our courses are backed by a no-hassle 30 day refund policy.

Lifetime Access

Lifetime Access

We offer lifetime access to our course. You can always come back if you need a refresher. This course is also continually updated and your will have access to any changes automatically.

Knowledge on a Strong Foundation

Knowledge on a Strong Foundation

This is by far the most comprehensive course on drone photography and videography. We teach you everything you need to know to go from a beginner to a professional photographer who can produce footage your clients love.

Accurate Information

Accurate Information

This course is taught by people who earn their living flying drones. The instructors run their own drone photography companies offering services to real estate agents, architects, and more.

Shoot Professional Real Estate Videos

Shoot Professional Real Estate Videos

Tired of bottom of the barrel jobs from drone networks? The drone market is competitive and the best way to get paid more is by having specialized skills.


This class is taught by instructors who earn their living flying drones. In this course, they reveal the step-by-step roadmap and processes they use to create commercial real estate listing videos.


Once you finish this course you will have the skills needed to create a video like the one below:

Equipment Advice

Equipment Advice

Our instructors will show you the exact equipment they have in their bags and provide you with advice on how to get your money’s worth.


Learn about the best options for drones, cameras, lenses, lights, microphones, stabilizers, and more.

Color Grading

Color Grading

Matching the colors between your drone and ground cameras can make all the difference in your footage. We walk you through the best color profile options for your equipment and show you color grading techniques.


We have separate editing sections for both Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.

Professional Photo Editing

Professional Photo Editing

You may have wondered how professionals capture eye-catching photos. In this class, we will teach you the best white balance, color profile, frame rates, resolution, and exposure settings to use for your photographs and videos. We also show you what to look for when you are composing your images.


With the skills you learn from this course, you’ll be able to get good looking images from even an entry-level drone.

Let’s meet your instructors Taught by experts, focused on outcomes.


Greg Reverdiau

In addition to being an FAA Commercial Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor, and Remote Pilot, Greg has been an avid photographer and videographer for nearly two decades. He owned a photography business in Florida that specialized in weddings, portraits, newborns, and aerial photography (before drones). He also exhibited photos in a local gallery.

Greg has taught aerial photography and videography at a large university for 4 years. He's also been producing Pilot Institute videos since day 1, although he now spends more time in front of the camera than behind it since hiring a full-time producer. Greg is an avid collector of photography books, old cameras, and lenses.


Billy Kyle

Billy Kyle is a professional photographer who specializes in real estate, architecture, and landscape photography. His 6 years of experience photographing row homes in Center City, estates on the Main Line, and beachfront properties at the Jersey Shore have taught him the most efficient way to capture high-quality exterior and interior photos of homes and buildings.

One of Billy’s greatest passions is video making as in his spare time, he creates online tutorial videos that teach viewers how to make the most of their drones. This includes everything from being a better pilot, capturing better photos, to refining your video capturing skills. He takes this knowledge of video creating to service his clients with high-end marketing content to help grow their business and brand.


Ken Dono

Ken is a full-time photographer and videographer who hosts his own YouTube channel called Original Dobo where he provides in-depth drone reviews.

Ken shoots residential real estate in Tampa, Florida. He's also an owner of Drone Works, an online store that sells drones.

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$299  $249 (lifetime access)

FAQ Have questions? Get the answer below. You can also contact us.

Who is this course for?

This class is for anyone looking to improve their photography & videography skills. We teach you basic and advanced techniques by having you shadow our instructors in the field. While this course will teach you the skills you need to make money from paying clients, the same methods will help you even if you are just flying for fun.

Does this course work for beginners?

Absolutely! We teach you everything you need to know starting with terms like aperture, ISO, shutter speed, etc. Once you have a strong foundation we move on to more advanced strategies to help your footage shine.

Does it matter what drone I have?

Getting stunning footage is more about the technique than it is about your equipment. There's no requirement to have a specific drone for this course. Our course covers DJI and Autel drones, but any drone will work.

Does it matter which editing software I use?

We cover editing for both Mac and PC users in this course. We show you how to edit your footage with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. Additionally, we use Lightroom and Photoshop in this course.

Will this course be out-of-date when new drones are released?

We've specifically designed this course to cover techniques that will never go out-of-date. Having said that, this course is continually updated and we periodically change and add content. With lifetime access, you will always receive the latest lessons when you purchase this course.

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Have you ever come across drone footage that’s out of this world and wondered “how did they do that?”. Your first thought might be that the equipment is the reason for how good the footage looks.


The reality is that just like any skill, photography takes practice. With the right knowledge you too can capture incredible scenes.


This one-of-a-kind class will give you the knowledge you need to finally get the footage you’ve always dreamed of.

In the course, we discuss common mistakes that beginners make with their photos and how you can avoid them. We also show you iconic drone shots that you can use to keep the viewer’s attention.


We start by covering:


  • How digital cameras work
  • How to take good photos
  • How settings like aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and frame rates work
    • The difference between RAW and JPG formats
    • How histograms, vectorscopes, and false color charts can improve your photography
    • Proper exposure
    • Correct colors
    • Good composition
  • Photography techniques
  • What’s wrong with my photos?
  • Videography concepts
  • What’s wrong with my videos?
  • Top drone moves to improve your videos


After that, we move on to the real estate workshop which teaches you:

  • The equipment and software that you do and don’t need
  • How to prepare and stage a home for photographs and video
  • How to take real estate photos and videos, indoors and outdoors (with examples at 2 houses)
  • Advanced editing techniques to make better videos
  • How to find the right music for your footage
  • How to use auto-exposure bracketing to make your photos more vibrant
  • How to edit photos in Photoshop and Lightroom
  • How to edit videos in Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro


The best part of the class comes when you get to look over the shoulder of Billy and Ken as they break down the exact process they use to take photos and videos of homes for real estate listing videos. They also show you their step-by-step editing process.


This class goes beyond just drones – we show you how to use regular cameras for real estate listings as well.


This is the most comprehensive drone photo/video course available. Once you finish, you will take off confidently knowing that you have what it takes to get good footage from the air using a drone and the ground with a standard camera.

Level Up Your Footage Learn proven strategies & techniques from instructors who make their living flying drones.

  • Learn how to combine drones and regular cameras to create engaging videos.
  • Lifetime Access - Go at your own pace.
  • Double the value - We cover both photography & videography in one course.
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guaratee.
Drone Photo and Video Masterclass Enroll in this course

$299  $249 (lifetime access)

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