Maneuvers Mastery.

Master your drone flying skills with over 50 challenging maneuvers.

  • Say goodbye to automated flights and take full control of your videography.
  • Learn the app settings that will help get smooth footage.
  • 50 flight maneuvers to help you improve your flying skills.
  • "Live" explanations on how to perform the maneuvers.
  • Divided into 4 different difficulty levels for an easy progression.
  • Includes a PDF Guide to take with you at the field.
  • Become a smooth videographer and create appealing content.
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Why Pilot Institute

80+ Video Lectures

80+ Video Lectures

Learn everything you need to know to master your drone! Easily pick up where you left off - stop and start when you have time to study. The average lesson is just 4 minutes long.

Lifetime Access

Lifetime Access

We offer lifetime access to our course, which is another way we stand out.

Mobile and Offline Access

Mobile and Offline Access

You can watch our lessons on mobile phones and even download them for offline access. Watch lessons at up to 2x speed or even slow them down.

Accurate Information

Accurate Information

The drone industry changes constantly. Our instructors closely track FAA changes and update the course so you're always up-to-date and not learning incorrect or out of date info.

From Our Students Here is what they are saying about our courses

This course is exactly what I was looking for in order to improve my drone flying skills. The exercises are simple to follow and understand. I had my first practice run yesterday, and my drone footage looks so much better already! Thank you Pilot Institute! I look forward to becoming an expert drone pilot in no time!

Stella B

Stella B

Great course. Greg is very engaging with his delivery of course information and very complete. I've learned a lot in a short time to review the course.

Stephen Prewitt

Stephen Prewitt

An excellent basic course which goes at the right pace, delivered in a friendly style, yet with an air of authority.

Karl Mierzejewski

Karl Mierzejewski

Let’s meet your instructor Taught by experts, focused on outcomes.

Greg Reverdiau

Greg Reverdiau

Drone and Airplane Pilot, Flight Instructor

Hi, I'm Greg or Professor R as my students call me.

I have been an aviation professional since the early 2000s. I currently hold the following FAA certificates: Certified Flight Instructor, Commercial Pilot (for single and multi engine), and UAS Remote Pilot. I have worked for two of the biggest aeronautical universities in the country (managing flight training programs of up to 500 students and 50 aircraft) and in teaching roles as an adjunct professor. I now concentrate on educating the next generation of manned and unmanned pilots by creating online courses.

I truly enjoy teaching both in the classroom and online as well as sharing my knowledge using newer technology. I intend to help bridge the gap between the manned and unmanned aircraft industry to increase safety.

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Aeronautical Science and a Masters Degree in Aviation Human Factors, both from the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, FL.

When I am not teaching, you can find me running in the beautiful mountains surrounding Prescott, AZ.

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FAQ Have questions? Get the answers below. You can also contact us.

Is this course appropriate for Commercial Drone pilots?

Absolutely! Whether you fly for fun or as a commercial pilot, you need to hone your skills as a pilot. This course will do just that. Even the more experienced pilots will find these maneuvers hard to master.

Can I use any drone to complete the maneuvers?

Yes, any drone that flies will allow you to do these maneuvers. We recommend that you have a drone with GPS capability to get started since it will help you maintain position. If you are looking for a challenge, complete this course in ATTI mode!

Do I need to buy anything else for this course?

A set of a dozen cheap cones will help you set your obstacle course. They are pretty cheap ($7-10) at your favorite local sports store or online.

Can my young son/daughter use this course to prevent crashing?

Yes, this would make a great bonding experience for a parent/child, and provide the necessary supervision.

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Course Description

This course was designed for all drone pilots out there: novice, intermediate, and experts. Everyone will find a way to improve their flying skills and challenge themselves in a fun way.


The course is divided into six different sections:


(1) Aerodynamics and Flight Controls: a full description of how drones fly and how they are controlled,

(2) Maneuvers Description: an explanation of the types of maneuvers practiced in the course, and explanations on how to set up your flying area,

(3) One-Star Maneuvers: a full description both in the studio and at the field of the maneuvers designed for beginner drone pilots.

(4) Two-Star Maneuvers: a full description both in the studio and at the field of the maneuvers designed for intermediate drone pilots.

(5) Three-Star Maneuvers: a full description both in the studio and at the field of the maneuvers designed for advanced drone pilots.

(6) Four-Star Maneuvers: a full description both in the studio and at the field of the maneuvers designed for expert drone pilots.


This course includes 75 videos and over 3.5 hours of easy-to-follow videos. Also included is a PDF Maneuvers Guide that you can print before heading out to improve your skills.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the various components of the drone and how they aerodynamically control its motion,
  • Master cinematic maneuvers that are automated in your flying software. You will be able to add your own personal touch to achieve professional-looking videos,
  • Fly in all possible scenarios and bring your drone back to safety in an emergency situation,
  • Master flying in “reverse command” conditions,
  • Impress your flying friends by asking them to perform some of the maneuvers and watch them struggle.

The easiest way to improve your flying skills Drones can be automated to fly missions but when it comes to cinematography, you need to know how to be smooth! This is what this course is all about...

  • Designed to incrementally get harder, maneuver after maneuver.
  • Includes all explanations on how to complete the maneuvers.
  • A great way to take your videography to the next level.
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