The Cinematic Drone Footage Playbook.

10 Drone Maneuvers to Get the Perfect Shot Every Time

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to capture incredible drone videos.
  • Learn cinematic moves used by Hollywood producers such as Alfred Hitchcock.
  • See the best settings you should be using to get smoother footage.
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Greg Reverdiau

Greg Reverdiau

Drone and Airplane Pilot, Flight Instructor

In addition to being an FAA Commercial Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor, and Remote Pilot, Greg has been an avid photographer and videographer for nearly two decades. He owned a photography business in Florida that specialized in weddings, portraits, newborns, and aerial photography (before drones). He also exhibited photos in a local gallery.


Greg has taught aerial photography and videography at a large university for 4 years. Greg is an avid collector of photography books, old cameras, and lenses.

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Do you struggle to get drone footage that you are proud to share? Are you looking to add variety to your drone videos?

In this free class, we show you proven methods to get high-quality footage. The cinematic moves we show you in this course are used by professionals to keep the audience’s attention.


Once you finish this class you will have the knowledge necessary to dramatically improve your drone videos.

The Ultimate Drone Footage Shot List This class shows you the 10 most cinematic drone maneuvers you can use to take your footage to the next-level.

  • Get inspiration for your next drone flight.
  • See how to get good drone footage every time.
  • 100% Free - No Credit Card or Gimmicks.
The Cinematic Drone Footage Playbook Enroll in this course

$0 - Free Course

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