Public Safety COA
Made Easy.

This course will teach you all you need to know about how to get a Certificate of Authorization (COA) for governmental organizations.

  • See what it takes to set up a public safety drone program
  • Discover the difference between COA and Part 107 training
  • Learn about the different types of COAs
  • How to apply for a COA and a Tactical Beyond Visual Line of Sight waiver
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Let’s meet your instructors

Greg Reverdiau & Brandon Karr

Greg Reverdiau & Brandon Karr

Greg Reverdiau is the Lead Instructor and Co-Founder of Pilot Institute. He is an FAA Certified Flight Instructor, Commercial Pilot (for single and multi engine), and UAS Remote Pilot. He has worked for two of the largest aeronautical universities in the country (managing flight training programs of up to 500 students and 50 aircraft) and in teaching roles as an adjunct professor. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Aeronautical Science and a Masters Degree in Aviation Human Factors from the Florida Institute of Technology.

Brandon Karr is the Chief Pilot and UAS Program Coordinator for the Pearland Police Department. Brandon started his interest in aviation in 2006 where he earned his Commercial and Certified Flight Instructor licenses for manned fixed-wing single-engine, multi-engine airplanes. He also has his instrument rating. Brandon is the Chair of the Gulf Coast Public Safety UAS Response Team. He is also a board member for the Law Enforcement Drone Association (LEDA) and co-founder of Unmanned Tactical Group. He has assisted over 200 agencies in starting or developing their UAS programs across the nation.

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Getting a Certificate of Authorization can give your governmental organization broader privileges to operate drones during public safety missions. Understanding what it takes to get approved to operate under a COA and maintain your authorization is not easy though. That’s why we put this course together to provide you with a roadmap.


This course is loaded with templates that you can use to save time during the application process. We have also partnered with DRONERESPONDERS, the largest non-profit dedicated to helping public safety UAS operators to provide you with additional help and resources.

Your Free COA Roadmap Get a game plan together and see step-by-step how to submit your application and get your COA approved by the FAA.

  • Learn about the benefits and downsides to operating under a COA.
  • See exactly how to fill out your application.
  • Discover how to submit your monthly COA records with the FAA.
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